Grand Lodge Award Deadlines

Hello brothers,
With the Grand Masters Reception approaching April 5th, there are a few deadlines for Grand Lodge award submissions I wanted to bring to your attention, and maybe get your help with some candidates.
The first award deadline coming due is the Community Service Award. Submissions are due to the DDGMs by January 25. A description of the award follows:
This year we will continue a very special award to be presented to one deserving person in each District. It is not necessary that this person be a Mason. As a matter of fact, we encourage the selection of a non-Mason for this award . It is suggested that the recipient may be any person, male or female, regardless of race, creed or color, who has displayed the virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth which exemplify the “True Spirit of Freemasonry.” The Community Service award winner shall not be someone who is an employee of, or is paid by, the organization they serve. This award is to be given to a person for volunteer service.
An example of a submission can be found here:
If you know of anyone deserving of this award in you community, I urge you to bring those suggestions to the next Lodge meeting. That individual will be honored at our GMR on April 5.
The next award is the Grand Lodge Scholarship award. This is due February 22. Steve Brunn from Wauseon 349 is heading this up district wide and has a pretty good handle on getting the word out to most schools. The form can be found here:
Please contact Steve for details:
The last award is the Excellence in Youth, which is due March 8. The purpose is to recognize excellence and leadership in members of the three Masonic youth groups - The Order of DeMolay, International Order of Job's Daughters and the International Order of The Rainbow for Girls. Although the award is intended to recognize outstanding service to, and leadership in our youth programs, nominees should also show active participation and leadership in school and community activities. The award is intended to encourage recipients to maintain their interest and participation in the youth groups, and ultimately in adult Masonic bodies. The recipients must be of at least high school age, but no older than 19.
Given the lack of Masonic youth groups in our district, youths active in school or other organization like Boy Scouts, 4H, etc., that demonstrate leadership would be considered. The nomination form can be found here:
We can discuss these further at the next scheduled meeting, but I wanted to plant the idea and have you all think about some potential nominations.
Best Regards,